Posted by: geminigoddess | February 5, 2009

Letter of Recommendation…

During my extremely random thoughts session this morning as I lay half asleep in bed trying to will myself to get up as the girls crawled/jumped all over me/the bed, I remembered that I never got a letter of recommendation from my last boss as I intended to.  Then I thought, what does it matter?  I’m not going to go back to working in an office, and if I were  to work in the future, it would be in the capacity of a healer, i.e. a Reiki/Hypnobirth Practitioner Midwife.  In that instance I thought it would be much more appropriate if I wrote my own letter of recommendation.  I submit the following:

To Whom It May Concern,

For the last [insert number here] of years I have been a Domestic Executive.  My job responsibilities include Mom, Household Manager, Chef, Nutritionist, Chauffeur, Accountant, Maid, Psychologist, Mediator, Nanny, Personal Shopper, Stylist, Paramedic, Teacher, Event Coordinator, Photographer, and The Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus.  I excel at all of them.

I work under two extremely demanding bosses who believe themselves to be princesses.  As a result, there are many clashes over who is going to get what they want first.  Being the great dictator mediator that I am, I resolve all of these conflicts in a fair and timely manner.

I have implemented new processes and procedures in my role as Household Manager that have streamlined the running of the household and rearing of the children.  They are too many to list, and my Mommy Brain can’t keep track of all of them, so you will just have to take my word for it.

As Accountant, I have saved the household hundreds of thousands of dollars by not outsourcing any of the responsibilities of Mom, Household Manager, Chef, Nutritionist, Chauffeur, Maid, Psychologist, Mediator, Nanny, Personal Shopper, Stylist, Paramedic, Teacher, Event Coordinator, Photographer, or The Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus, but rather given all the duties for these positions to myself, which I have graciously performed for free.

As you can see, I am a woman of many talents.  I highly urge you to come to the realization that you would be crazy not to hire me.



Go here to calculate your Mom Salary…



  1. If I remember correctly, (from Fahrenheit 9/11 ?) France actually PAYS mamas to stay home and take care of their children (with the belief that mams ARE the best caregiver for their children. Huh, go figure). Furthermore, if mamas go back to work, the government will PAY for a caregiver to come to your home (one that is hired by the gov. and has already had a back ground check). Granted, while you work, the money to pay sahm/gov. caregivers comes from your pocket via taxes (50%?)….but still, at least SOMETHING good is being done with your taxes rather than giving some ass wipe on Wall Street a huge bonus. Not that France is the best of the best, but couldn’t our country take a tip or two from them?!?

  2. I know! Actually, I think a couple of European countries do that, and I’m sure any of them would be way cooler than France 😉

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