Posted by: geminigoddess | February 3, 2009


It’s been a quiet weekend around here.  Greg and Hana have been sick.  So, no fun trips to Eugene to watch E play basketball or the coast for us.  Sigh…

However, I do have some exciting news on the phone-that-is-also-a-dildo front.  This weekend, Greg found an application for his Google Android phone that turns it into a vibrator.  Looks like I’ll be getting a Google Android!

Also, this morning I made the FINAL payment on a credit card that had a HUGE balance and we have been paying off for five years.  It is a remnant from the time Greg was a single dad and drowning in debt from his divorce.  Consequently we were unable to make any payments on it (or anything else) for months when we were both out of work so we were in a death spiral of gigantic interest rates, late fees, overcharge fees, and creditors calling/threatening us ALL  the time.  But now it is paid off.  ZERO balance.  Wow that is an awesome feeling.  Yippee!  And in March another one will be paid off.  ZERO balance.  And then we will begin working towards getting the newest one down to a ZERO balance.  We are getting closer and closer to being in a position to buy a house.

It is time for me to get dressed, change some diapers, and go out to get my fix at Starbucks.  We are all out of coffee at home, and I can’t just buy regular coffee at the store.  Oh no, that would be heretical.  We are coffee snobs who drink organic fair trade exotic coffee from places like Madagascar, Guatemala, Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Hawaii.  Our coffee must be expensive and freshly roasted.  Except when we get coffee from “Charbucks”, because then we don’t care that our overly priced, overly sweet, overly flavored venti-triple-soy-extra-caramel-caramel-macchiato and venti-quad-light-ice-double-shot-with-cinnamon-dolce-instead-of-classic drinks contains espresso that tastes like burnt beans, because we can’t taste the espresso!

Don’t even dare to suggest that we buy cheap coffee and use the extra savings to pay off credit card debt.  That would be UN-American.  That would be heretical…


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