Posted by: geminigoddess | January 28, 2009

Chocolate, Cookies, Cheese, and Applesauce…

Actual conversation I just had with my three year old:

Mirabelle:  I want choc-at.

Me: No, you just had chocolate.

Mirabelle:  I want orange cookie.

Me: No, you’ve had enough cookies today.

Mirabelle:  I want cheese.

Me:  No, you’ve had enough cheese today.

Mirabelle:  What CAN I have?

Me:  You can have applesauce.

Mirabelle: Okay, I’ll have THAT.  Applesauce.

Me: (doubled over with laughter) Okay, I’ll get you some applesauce. (more laughter)

It was totally worth going through 47 hours of labor to have that conversation.  Ha ha ha…


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