Posted by: geminigoddess | January 24, 2009

I feel like such a bitch now…

This is an apology I’m sending out through the Universe to a woman who is a stranger and I have no way of apologizing to any other way.  So I was out doing all my errands just now, and I am sick today, and my husband had just called me asking where I was, and I had been behind two rude drivers already, and this woman pulled out in front of me and cut me off going really slow.  I was so pissed and I honked my horn, sped up, and whipped around in front of her.  She then honked at me which only served to piss me off even more.  So I sped down the road just wanting to get home and off the road.  I came to the next light and she was behind me.  I could see that she was going to make a right turn and had to pull up beside me to do so.  I was ready with my middle finger, ’cause she had already started honking at me again.  I flipped her off as the light turned green and started to drive off, only to look back and see that she was – get this – waving the peace sign at me.  JESUS, could I be a bigger BITCH?  So now I feel totally shitty.  And like a big huge hypocrite ’cause guess who has peace bumper stickers all over the back of her car?  You guessed it, me.  Yep, I am not only a bitch, but a hypocrite too.  Okay, lesson learned Universe.  Thanks.  I need to chill the fuck out.  And remember that everyone makes mistakes, myself included.  I shoulda just let it go…



  1. Wow. A big ole cosmic kick in the ass.

  2. Driving is my WEAKEST point! I think it brings out the worst in everyone. If the Dalai Lama drove, I’d like to think he’d have some unloving thoughts, words, or gestures, too. 🙂

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